« Construction is a very short time in the life of the building. However, as with the conception of our children, it is the key moment of DNA transmission for this organism that will be born to live.

We should therefore abandon the paradigm that a building is an inert mass, and instead consider it as a living and agile organism, in symbiosis and in perpetual evolution with its occupants.

Instead of creating a finished design object, the aim is to create living, evolving living spaces that are capable of being and remaining positive for citizens, for society and for the planet. »


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Architecture4Future competed for the Territorial Innovation Prize, Lifestyle - Leisure and Solidarity category, as part of its participation in the 2021 Salon des Maires.


After a long period of research and development, we presented our "habitation4future" concept at the 2021 Mayors' Fair in Paris, which in practice offers all the qualities of an eco-neighbourhood without bearing its disadvantages. It only requires a plot of land from 3,500 m2 for about 20 housing units. This type of operation can be public, private or mixed. Thus, at least 1⁄4 of the flats can be conventional: they are flats for young professionals and shared flats for people with disabilities. The remaining flats are designed as compact group homes with great quality of use and environment, which will make this housing complex a reference in this area. In addition to the photovoltaic roofs with a surface area of more than 350 m2, the communal areas, managed by a local association that is also open to the neighbourhood, are of great benefit: polyvalent communal space e.g. for home office, a guest room, laundry room, recycling room, horticultural greenhouse, workshops, fitness trail, shared car, etc.

Most of the land is given back to nature, especially in the form of green roofs, private gardens or family and community gardens managed by a local association we initiated. The aim is to promote a civic and sustainable management e and thus an active and benevolent neighbourhood.

"habitation4future" puts residents and users at the centre with affordable and desirable housing, and aims to enable them to maintain purchasing power and engage with the community. This concept will enable elected representatives of small and medium-sized cities and suburbs to inaugurate such a project within one term.

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